Food, Fund, and Family Recipe Drive

Food, Fund, and Family Recipe Drive

The FSC @ LES’s

Mac’n Cheese
Pasta and Pasta Sauce
Peanut Butter and Jelly
Rices - White, Brown, Flavored
Potatoes - Cans, Boxes, Bags, Fresh
Pastas - Flavored
Baked Beans
Vegetables - Cans, Fresh
Fruit - Cans, Fresh
Tuna and Mayonnaise
Beans - Refried, Pinto, Kidney, Black
Pancake/Waffle Mix and Syrup

Family Friendly Recipes

Gift Cards - Big Y, Market 32/PC, SS&S, BJs

Coin/Cash donations are accepted too
Will You Help Us Stock Our LES Food Pantry from
Monday, February 11 - Friday, March 1, 2019?

Dear LES families,

The Food Security Club has committed to a
Food, Fund, & Family Recipe Drive” to directly benefit our LES families.  
We are asking for donations of foods and funds as suggested on our
Most Wanted List” (attached) and “Most Wanted” posters.  
We are also asking for copies of your favorite, family-friendly recipes;
feel free to add your recipe to the enclosed template or send in your own
unique copies.  Monetary or gift card donations are also accepted with
great appreciation and will allow us the flexibility to buy items important
to meet the needs of our families currently in need.

As food, fund, and recipe donations arrive in students’ homerooms, they
will be collected and organized in our former computer lab turned Maker
Space/Food Pantry by members of our Student-Centered Food Security Club.

Join forces with us! Submit your healthy, family friendly recipes and
“Most Wanted” pantry items on or before Friday, March 1st!

Thank you for joining us in spirit and action!

The 6th Grade Food Security Club